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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Electric wheelchair parts

Brad told me about an electric wheelchair he saw at a resale shop so I checked it out when I was in the area. It was like his and I wasn't ready to modify my robot that much to make it move. But then I spied a smaller electric wheelchair in the corner with a single drive wheel. It needed a lot of work but it had a couple of 12v batteries with charger and the motor and drive looked like it would be usable. All for only $45.00. I also picked up some parts and robot arms from Brad to make templates for Brad using my torso. I also bought the rest of the paint I need to buy. I did a lot of running around at lunch today. I also stopped at Kinkos on the way to work to make a copy of my Robby the robot blueprints/poster for Brad.

After work, we painted more of the legs and knees and I primed the tread section and knee plates. I experimented and it looks to me like if you use the bumper paint for the areas that have been sprayed with plastidip it works better than the vinyl and fabric paint that was recommended. I wish I would have used this all along. My legs have the consistency of sandpaper and not that cool smooth look. I may have to redo them in the future.

I heard that several neighbors noticed my garage project and were having discussions whether or not it was robby robot or the B9 from lost in space.

After the painting, I proceeded to take apart the electric wheelchair. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with it.

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