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Sunday, June 5, 2005

Ordering Plans

Now I have a plan and the green light from the wife. Time to send for Mark's plans. Today I contacted Mark Thompson and paid for the plans with PayPal. The more I look at his method of building the lower half of the robot, the more confident I am that I can build a B9.

I read a B9 article somewhere that mentioned using a rotozip to cut some of the pieces. So off I went to Lowes to purchase a rotozip with jig-saw attachment. Buying tools is always a good investment. Today I also cleaned up around my workbench area to prepare for this project. I don't have a lot of room in the garage so I'll do all the messy work out here and use my green screen video studio (in my house) to double as a B9 workshop.

I asked my Dad if he wanted to work with me on the project and he said he would. Good father son project. I also mentioned it to my son who can build and fix anything but he's so busy there's no way he would have time to spend on this project. His reply to me was .... Dad, why don't you just take up fishing again?

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