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Saturday, December 20, 2014

Post Script - 4 years later

Well, it's been a little more than 4 years since I posted the last blog entry here.  Since then, all robots have been sold and are happily living all around the country. 

The B9 Lost in Space robot now resides in a conference room of a successful Robotics company in Indiana ... the kind of robotics that run in factories and manufacturing facilities.

Robby the Robot lives in a computer museum in Bozeman Montana and Yvonne and I were lucky enough to be able to stop by and visit him on our way home from Alaska this past summer.  Also the Virgil Finlay Bus Stop Robots were also donated to the museum and have been on display there.

R2 and C3PO live in a private residence southern California just outside of San Diego and are still together as they didn't want to be split up.

Selling Bender was an eye opener.  Where he was one of the more popular Robots at conventions, it was very difficult finding a buyer for him so I practically gave him away.  And he was a lot of work to build.  He now happily lives in Las Vegas at a private residence and I'm quite sure at night he can be seen sneaking into casinos and some of the more risque areas of the city.  He was ecstatic when he heard he was going to Vegas.

The one Robot I kept was the battle droid.  He sits on a garden bench holding a butterfly and occasionally playing a trumpet while contemplating his previous life and the role he played in the great Clone wars.  He now lives a peaceful existence keeping watch over our Bee Farm.

I still occasionally build robots but they are more abstract art creations and some of them will reside in a new mini farm we're building.  The farm is completely solar powered, has bee hives, and organic fruits and vegetables.  Blog is @

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