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Saturday, June 26, 2010

William the Giraffe

In the cool morning breeze my wife and I finished the final coat on the last of the spots. It was a lot of work painting all the spots on this giraffe. I noticed small rust areas forming that were a result of water getting in the giraffe and leaking out from some of the weld areas. So I did what I could to copperize those areas to minimize any rust lines that will be appearing on "William". Yes, William is the official name of this giraffe. William is giraffe and part time "Smile Machine". Named after the original giraffe artist (William Allen) that helped me with this project by giving me encouragement, advice, and pointers. William Allen creates beautiful sculptures and if you're looking to buy a giraffe like this pay a visit to Mainstreet Gallery in Leland Michigan.

I had a great deal of copper coating left so it was time to spruce up the ugly mailbox in front of our house. The flag and plastic pieces were faded so I used plastic primer and paint to rejuvenate them. Then the mailbox was painted silver and copper spots applied. Looks pretty good and didn't cost me a cent.

William still isn't anchored down in cement yet. Fortunately, we've had some pretty good storms with wind and all and he doesn't even move a bit. Giraffes are known to be steady on their feet though.

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