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Sunday, January 3, 2010

It's a wonderful wife .... even though ...

You can be sure you have a great robot loving wife when she returns from Target and hesitantly tells you she must be losing her mind but she saw a "robot dome" on sale and she's one who can never turn down a good sale. She picked up two nice steel domes/bowls with a cool look for only $10.00. Very nice. She said I must be rubbing off on her.

Even though ...

This weekend much has been completed on the battle droid. Working on the hands took much more time than I anticipated. The fingers were attempted with 4 different types of materials until I finally came up with a method I was happy with. My wife thought the fingers were a little long and suggested the last digits of each fingers should be removed.

So tonight after making a lot of racket in the garage grinding, cutting and whatever, I came into the house suited up with all my work clothes, safety glasses and all on and said "I hope you're satisified". Surprised she looked at me and said huh? I said "Didn't you hear the screams?" By this time she was starting to worry something happened and said "What happened". So I give her this serious look as I open up my welding gloves and show her three robot fingers that I cut off. As she breathed a sigh of relief, I reminded her that it was her idea to have the third digits of the robot fingers severed from the poor battle droid. Very painful for the droid. I guess you had to be there. As I get older, it's harder and harder to pull one over on the wife so at least I had a good chuckle. She on the other hand may have other ideas about it.

So many things were done to the battle droid I can't even list them all. But the arms and wrists are totally pose able. The upper arms had details added to them and the wrists and knuckles were created with my new brake by experimentation.

In summary. It was a very fun weekend. Once during lunch I knocked something over and my wife looked at me and said I was eating so fast I was like a little kid who couldn't wait to get back out and "play" in the garage. And you know what ... she was right.

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