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Monday, November 30, 2009

Why I recommend blogging

It's been awhile since I posted but it's been busy around here. Before I get into the why of the title of this blog (Why I recommend Blogging), I want to say that "I LOVE WELDING !!" The first couple tries were rocky and being an impatient kind of guy I got disappointed pretty quickly. I posted a blog entry and then deleted it as I was about to give up on trying to weld thin gauge metal. And now I'll come to the "Why I recommend blogging".

Once again, I received some good advice from a reader of this blog that completely changed my outlook on welding. I was able to figure out that welding thin gauge metal is no big deal and actually pretty easy once you practice and learn to keep from burning holes into the thin metal. Which still happens but I'm able to fill the holes with filler rod. Each time I do it, it becomes more enjoyable and I get better at it. The advice I get from friends has really taught me so many skills. Gary, Mike, and of course my friend Brad have helped me in many situations (as well as a few others I didn't mention). And that's just another reason to publish a blog. And I'll say it again .... I LOVE welding. Especially acetylene but I'm also using my wire feed to do initial spot welds.

I decided to experiment creating a metal life size battle droid as my first project. I used my cardboard droid partially as a template although I'll be taking a million liberties on the project. It's more an art sculpture instead of a battle droid. It's been shaping up nicely and I'm having fun which is the whole point of what we should be striving for.

In other news, my new young builder friend Jeremy and his nice mom and dad stopped by our home yesterday. Jeremy actually brought me one of his home made droids !!! It will be proudly displayed in our droid room. Jeremy is just a sweet kid and fun to talk to. He brought me some drawings he did of an R3 and was explaining about an R9 unit. He knew a lot about clone wars which I wasn't up on. He's also looking forward to seeing R5-PQ which he brought up numerous times after I showed him a picture.

The attached pictures of the sculpture in progress aren't too good. But once I get the hip base finished (in one of the pictures), I'll attach the chest and hips. Still not sure how to make arms but that will be fairly easy. The nice thing about welding is you don't have to worry about different adhesives to hold stuff together. Welded steel has so much more strength.

Thanks to everyone reading this that has commented and given me good suggestions. I don't comment back all the time but they are all greatly appreciated !


Gary Cook said...

Sounds like you're getting the hang of it. From what I can see, it looks like the bust and head came out well. I was wondering what those " electrical parts" were that you mentioned some time back. Looks like those "weather heads" make pretty good shoulders. I hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving!


Jim Quinlan said...

Gary, I have no idea what a "weather head" is but that's what I thought was an electrical part .. or part of an electrical pipe connector ?? I just call them robot shoulders : )