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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A speedier droid and Robot Shoulders on Sale at Lowes

My instincts were right about the reason for R2's slight power drop. The quick disconnect harness I used for the motors had inferior wire that just didn't cut it gauge wise. It really does make a difference. Instead of the quick disconnect harness I instead installed two toggle switches so the motors can be easily shut down if I ever have to push R2. That way no damage to the electronics due to electric discharge from the motors. AND ... another BIG plus I realized is when I leave R2 idling for a long period of time I usually turn off the transmitter to save batteries. And once that transmitter turns off, the speed controllers and foot motors invariably start making those weird annoying noises. So by turning off the motors, that annoying noise is no longer an issue. R2 is ready for anything now.

In other news, I'm still modifying my workshop to accommodate welding with acetylene and a low end wire feed welder. But at this stage I start going into "visualization" mode. Or compulsive obsessive mode my wife might say. I do a lot of thinking about the upcoming project and look at pictures of the robot I'm planning to build. I spend a lot of time thinking how I can make the individual pieces. There are a million different ways to do it so it's best to come up with one of the better solutions in that million.

So I'm walking through Lowes looking at shop lights and guess what amazing items I find in a box on the clearance rack. The very part of the robot that I've been racking my brain about. I keep thinking it's going to be the hardest part because I didn't have a good idea how I would make it. The robot's shoulders. And there in the clearance box for .89 cents were the large shoulders (.59 for the small ones). I think these will work great. They're some type of electrical junctions but I'm not completely sure. If my camera was back from the repair shop I could post a picture. So officially the steel robot project is started and 3 robots are taking shape even though they only consist of shoulders at this point.


Anonymous said...

I would love to see a picture of your next project. When it comes to robots, there are so many different variations, its hard to guess what you have in mind.


Jim Quinlan said...

I posted some pictures today Gary. Hopefully we'll see a similar finished product in about a year : )

But you never know how these things will turn out ...