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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Take our daughters and sons (& droids) to work day

This week has once again found me working on the front foot of R2D2. When we were visiting relatives last week with R2, one of the ankle bolts came loose and the entire front ankle started to develop a bit of movement. So I removed the foot and tightened all the areas that had loosened and made sure all the bolts had a few drops of loctite on them.

I also wanted to get him roadworthy again to bring R2 into work for "Take your daughters and sons to work day". My version will be more like "Take our droid to work day" It should be interesting as most people I work with don't know I built R2D2. There will be a bunch of kids in and around the company tomorrow so the addition of a well mannered droid will probably be welcome. We're a large electronics company so our little droid will feel almost at home here. Should be an interesting day.

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