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Friday, March 27, 2009

Ready for a road trip

Last night was one of those nights where everything just clicked. The design I had in my head to fix the front foot using aluminum shims went according to plan. And the upgraded front wheel which is an inch taller than the other wheel also went smooth. My todo list of minor repairs were checked off as completed in a short period of time. By 9:00 last night R2 was tucked away in his box ready to be hoisted into the truck for a road trip.

Working the crowd for the Florida Orchestra will certainly be a slightly different experience than working the crowd at MegaCon. Different in some ways but the same in watching the smiles on people's faces while R2 interacts. We're looking forward to it.

Since it's so late in the game I doubt R2 will be invited to the stage with the conductor. But it's still a remote possibility.


Mike D. said...

Be sure to give us a report on how the concert goes, that sounds like it's going to be awesome!

Have a safe trip.

Mike D.

Jim Quinlan said...

Thanks for the comment Mike. I'll be posting more soon. It was an interesting road trip last night.