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Saturday, January 3, 2009

Leveling foot shells ... again

After about a thousand tries, I finally came up with an intelligent way of leveling R2's foot shells. Before I thought I could eyeball it and it would be fine which I now know is not a good idea.

Now that the motors and wheels are pretty level and the mounts are trimmed of excess aluminum, I can position the shells level using pieces of 1" wood. Since I already tapped threads into the leg/ankle motor mount, it seems to make more sense to make new shell brackets (the brackets just under the ankle) with holes that line up with the existing holes in the upper part of the motor mount. It's a bit of work but that way I won't need to retap threads and the aluminum won't look like swiss cheese with all the holes.

If this works I will be very happy and can move on to the battery boxes and figure out how to temporarily cover thoe large gaping holes in the inner foot shells. Fortunately the battery boxes will cover the majority of the hole.

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