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Thursday, October 30, 2008


Just another quick update. Took R2 for a walk and he really drove nice. I got the controls fixed so they are no longer reversed. Took a little bit getting used to controlling the drive train as well as sounds and the dome. He took the sidewalk bumps pretty good considering .... What a blast.

I just ordered 2 new batteries for the DX6 transmitter because the one in it doesn't last long at all. I think it's old or is just a bad battery.

I'll get some video of him driving this weekend.


Mike D. said...

Congrats Jim! He looks great! When I noticed you hadn't posted in a few days, I figured you were on a all out blitz, well done!

Jim Quinlan said...

I like the way you worded that Mike "An all out blitz". That pretty much sums it up. Looks like someone threw a hand grenade in my workshop with tools and wire everywhere.

How's the progress on your B9 going by the way?


Mike D. said...

I took some time off the B9 project to build an old school bobber with my sons, similar to this one:

Now I'm up to my elbows in the Q*bert Multi Game, I'm planning to finish those and get them in the collector's hands before Thanksgiving. Here's another multi board I build for Pacman:

Hopefully those excuses will suffice :-) but you're right, I need to get moving on B9!

Jim Quinlan said...

Mike that Kikker bike picture was way cool beyond way cool (which means the very coolest). That picture just begged you to get on the bike and ride on that desolate road. That's a great project to work on with your boys. When my boys were young we restored a 1965 mustang convertible together and they loved working on it with Dad. Great memories.

And it sounds like your pacman multi boards are taking a lot of your time. As long as you're staying busy building that's all that matters. B9 will always be there to finish.