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Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Building R2 can be loads o fun but so often I find myself getting very frustrated and feel like it always takes a dozen tries to get anything to work. I put so much work into the front foot that uses one caster and it just doesn't work. The foot is angled a little where the front edge is higher than the back edge. So it's not level. And if it's not level, a single caster system just doesn't work because when the caster wheel is at 360 degrees and when the caster wheel is at 180 degrees is very different. The back edge of the foot will either be off the ground an inch or so or it will be dragging on the ground. And the sad thing is I can't figure out how to change the angle using the parts I have. There aren't a lot of different possibilities from my perspective tonight. I tried moving the ankle bolt back a few inches but it didn't make much difference.

Now I kind of understand why I've seen 2 caster systems and why I've seen the OmniBall system. The Omniball wouldn't encounter this problem (I don't think).

While experimenting tonight, a piece of my fiberglass foot broke which really was upsetting. And I also noticed a big nasty crack on my resin skirt. He's falling apart before I even get him finished. Very discouraged tonight. Should have stuck with gardening.


danf said...

So sorry to hear your discouraged.
I was at the get together at your house several weeks ago and I was very impressed with all your robots. I'm sure you will figure out these problems and R2 will look as great as all the others.

Dan F

Mike D. said...

You'll get it figured out, you always do! Sometimes when everything is going wrong in the shop, it's time for a break.

Case in point; this morning I was working on a pair of old Atari circuit boards. Both had failures and to make matters worse chip legs were coming off from corrosion whenever I pulled the custom ICs for testing.

I'd finally had enough and went to lunch, thought about it for an hour and came back and had one working in about 15 minutes.

Calvin Thomas said...

Don't get upset Jim,
Take it from the Master of Disaster, I have had so many things go wrong and it's all due to I refuse to follow the group in building. If someone does'nt explore different ways of building R2's, This group would be the most boring bunch on the planet.
We this happens to me I just work on another part and then when I return to my mess, I figure out my mistakes.
Those outter foot motors you built was something I would have never tried, But you made it work :o)
You'll get it together, I have all the faith in the world in your work.

Jim Quinlan said...

Thanks for the comments guys. I guess we've all been there but it sometimes can drive you mad. I'll just cool off for a week or so and get back into it.

Or maybe I'll just end up using a peg leg for R2 (and put a patch over the radar eye).