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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Motors, Controllers, RC test, Skirt

After digging out my Spectrum DX6 transmitter and receiver, I decided to hook it up to R2's Vantec Motor controller and the battery I plan on using in R2. I don't want to be like Dan in the club who fired up his R2 for the first time at 3 in the morning in their kitchen and R2 ran amok in circles. Fortunately Dan was able to pick R2 up and disconnect the power before the dishwasher or stove got rammed. Lucky for Dan his wife slept through the entire incident.

So after binding the receiver to the transmitter, I wired the speed controller to the battery and motors and then fired up the DX6 transmitter. The two windshield washer motors I had turned on and I was able to manipulate them with the joystick. Another step closer to motorizing R2.

Now I figured out the dip switch settings on the RDFR23 ok and that's fine. But programming the joysticks and transmitter looks to be a little more intimidating. Translated .... I'm going to have to try and read the directions which I hate to do.

The last couple days I've been working on my R2 skirt. Filling it with glazing putty and laying in a nice coat of white paint. The skirt looks a little lumpy in places because of the foam mold it was made in but it's going to be fine. Next step will be to mount it to the JAG frame.

This blog has been experiencing a few technical problems this week. The new blogspot blog list toolbar I added last month seems to be flaking out every so often. Sometimes you just see the heading "Other Builders Blogs" with no blogs under it. Hopefully google will figure this out pretty soon.

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