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Monday, August 25, 2008

Blood, burns and more dome drive fun

Ok, I said I was going to take a month off of my dome drive adventures but today I was drawn back into it with another one of my bright ideas. First I got a different inexpensive (underpowered) motor and gearbox at a hobby shop. I also got another speed controller. Well, no matter what I did the same problem happened. The motor would spin for a few seconds and then quit. Even when I moved it to the channel that was running the wheels. And I even tried several speed controllers.

I don't know what's going on. But I do know that I cut myself several times. Once the gear spun wildly and the exposed area between my fingers was ground down quite nicely. And this was after I burned myself touching the terminals while holding the motor. And puncturing one of my fingers with the wire. Just crazy stuff. Maybe I'll have to sacrifice a live goat on the new moon to overcome this dome drive jinx.

Crazy, I know but you do what you have to to complete the project.


Calvin Thomas said...

I went back and tested my
"Little Motor That Could" and here's the results:
I added 10 pounds of weight inside the dome which should be more then any extras in a dome should weigh.
The motor did slightly react to the weight by not spinning as fast as without the weight. Not very sluggish and did not generate any excess heat, Practically none at all.
The only other thing I noticed was the drive wheel was wanting to slip more with the weight, But I could probly tighten the wheel to the dome bearing and stop this from happening.
I spun the motor without the extra weight for awhile to see if the motor would heat up and it only showed a slight amount of heat which would be normal running it wide open for an extended amount of time.
I still can't provide any long term results, Becuase I just have'nt had the motor long enough.

For the price,compact design and it's 12v. I don't think you will go wrong with this little guy.

Jim Quinlan said...

I'll give it a try Calvin. Thanks for the information.