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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Southern R2 builders coming over today

We've been busy getting the house and garage ready for a group of Southern R2 builders that are coming over later today. A few are bringing their droids and miscellaneous projects. It's a talented group of robotic / droid experts so most of us will probably learn something today.

I finished the final version of the motor mounts using a thicker gauge of aluminum and this version is a little longer. The area on the feet that touches the battery boxes was also cut out of my test foot. This is because the motor extends into the battery box some. The bracket on the motor needs a little tweaking but I used some plastic ties to hold the motor in place to position it correctly to make the final bracket. This is to make sure the wheel isn't touching the sides and that it has enough clearance so the foot doesn't drag the ground. So there's still a few things I need to do to get the droid walking. I also need to solidify my plans for the center foot. There are several ways that the center foot can be installed and I just need to make a decision soon.

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