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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Custom NPC Motor mounts - Success !

Tonight I finished what I consider one of my most challenging robot building projects. And that was to replicate the Disney R2 motor mounts and the Disney drive system Daniel uses ... using a single picture as a reference.

Tonight I made the final set of motor brackets and drilled and tapped holes in such a fashion that the drive unit is actually adjustable. I was able to easily fit the oversized feet by cutting another notch out of the area where the battery box will cover. The wheels have more than adequate clearance from all angles and this baby should move around nicely.

Doing the left leg will be a piece of cake and then all I have to do is hook up the controllers battery and radios. Then R2 should be mobile. This weekend we're going to Orlando to watch the Buccaneers practice and afterward we'll stop by a famed electronics surplus store I've been hearing so much about. That could be dangerous.

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