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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

The Robotic purse

Thank God I have a wife to assist me in these excursions to Goodwill to pick out feminine robot apparal. No way am I secure enough to go purse shopping on my own.

The goal was to get a purse that can sit on the bench between the robots to hide the robotic controller and all the wire connections. We found the perfect size "Victoria Secrets" designer purse for $2.99. Why anyone would buy a purse like this in the first place is beyond me. Like a cruel joke. Victoria Secrets conjurs up images of apparel other than a purse with the words Victoria Secrets plastered all over it. So it's probably good that we turned this monstrosity into a silver robotic purse. It took the paint very well and fit perfect over the electronics.

Now originally I was going to mount all the electronics under the bench and build a compartment. But that would have involved a lot of crawling around and bending under the bench every time I have to check connections or make any changes. And anyone who builds this type of project knows that you're constantly tweaking and making changes. So instead of doing that on my back squinting in the shadows to see the controller it will be in plain view on top of the bench once the purse is removed.

Just a fine example of a couple user friendly robots.


Charlie said...

When are you going to have pictures?

FloridaRobot (Jim) said...

Being a software developer, I've been focused in fine tuning the software to add functionality to the robots personality. It's getting close. Probably this weekend we'll pull them out of the garage and post some pictures.

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