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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Hot Foam cutter

Well after several miserable attempts to make a foam cutter I finally broke down and spent a few dollars and bought one.

The old train transformer I bought on EBAY turned out to be bad and it was too many months since I bought it to ask for a refund. So I tried different power sources and different types of guitar strings but was never happy with the results. So last night I decided to just buy some foam cutting tools.

A cool thing I discovered in the hobby store was a foam hardener that I can use after carving the foam. I may do this instead of using fiberglass as it looks like it makes it hard as a rock. This will be super for building my Rosie the Robot body and especially when making new heads for the Bus Stop Robots. I need to get those robots completed. I'm kicking around using earth magnets to hold the legs and arms on the robots so they can be removable for transport.


Eaglekeeper said...

Hey Jim,,,I'm doing a project right now for Phil. Building a rocket ship for him. Anyhow, I want to use Styrofoam and cover it with plaster??? Does that sound right?

Mark [Eagle]

FloridaRobot (Jim) said...

Mark, I was originally going to paint the Styrofoam with latex paint and then fiberglass it. Then I found a coating that was meant to go over Styrofoam and then dries hard. It's called foam coat by the folks at the Hot Wire Foam Factory. I found mine at a hobby store but their website is They also sell a lot of different foam forming tools. The tools I bought were so-so but I was able to fabricate a new bus stop robot head last night. They have a DVD that shows their products in use and it's pretty informative. Also note the foam coat comes in a smoother indoor version and also a thicker outdoor version (for making fake bricks and rocks and stuff).

Good luck with the Rocket Ship ! Hope things are going well with your wife and you and that your son is doing good too.