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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Miami sailing regatta

Last Saturday Jamie (the Giant Robot builder) spent the day and we had a good time talking about our robot projects and his DIY homestead in the mountains of Vermont. We also did some sailing in near perfect conditions. It's always refreshing to talk to someone who thinks and lives his life in the same general direction as us.

Sunday the wind whipped up pretty good so instead of building or watching football, I spent the day sailing in Tampa Bay. As the conditions were pretty rough, I didn't see another boat in the Bay other than mine. This would be my last chance to sail before next weekend's sailing Regatta that I entered in Miami. I entered the regatta for the Hobie Adventure Island class because it's the first ever race for this class of sailboat/kayak. Plus I'll be able to meet some of the people I've been talking to online who also own these boats in Florida. Several of them have been getting together to camp with their Hobie AI's in some pristine and wild everglades areas.

A cold front moved in this week so hopefully it will be warmer in Miami by the weekend.

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