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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Better to try and fail than to never try at all

Well, it looks like the homeless fund raising project with the robots is a dud. But you have to experiment and try things if you're ever going to accomplish anything in this lifetime. I knew the idea was unique and robots aren't for everyone but I thought I'd at least get a few serious inquiries. Oh well ......

But Thanks to Kalebra and Scott K. the idea wasn't a total washout. They donated to our project and that donation will provide food for a couple days to the people in the tent city.

I suppose our concept was flawed in a several areas. First, I guess most people just don't get excited about large lifesize robots. The scifi nuts and all (my people) like them but they're probably not the successful business types that would display them in their place of business or storefront.

Second, the economy is a little tight right now and a lot of people look down on the homeless.

Third, the TV segment aired during all the New Years college football games so the audience was limited.

Fourth ... maybe the idea was just too off the wall???

So now I have to brainstorm a "Plan B". At least we gave it a try.

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