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Sunday, June 17, 2007

Hurricane shutters and little robots from junk

Fathers day weekend finds me engulfed in 10 million household projects again. After waxing my wife's car, we installed some really cool hurricane shutters. These are made of flexible and semi transluscent pvc woven shutters. They can be folded or rolled up for storage. Much better than my old plywood system which was a nightmare installing and removing. With the new system I can have all the shutters up for my house in one half hour tops. Takedown is just as quick. Two years ago, I was putting up and taking down the plywood shutters constantly and there are many holes in my outside walls to prove it. Now I can fill all the old holes and repaint the house (another project).

Today I'm taking a day off droid building and will enjoy fathers day with a lot of family (including Dad) over our house later in the day. But first Yvonne and I will head over to to Dollar General to scour the store for parts to build a $20.00 junk robot / spaceship / gun for a fun contest I joined with other robot fanatics. The rules are you can fabricate a robot, spaceship or scifi gun from junk you find at a dollar store. You can spend no more than $20.00 and use your own screws, glue and paint outside the $20.00. The challenge was accepted so I hope I can come up with something creative. It should be fun and a nice diversion since I won't have much time to work on R2 much in the next month with vacation and all.

Next weekend we're taking Bender and C3PO to a science museum in West Palm Beach for their RoboFest weekend. Bob May and June Lockhart will be there with us. It will be a fun weekend. As always I enjoy Bob May, but this will be the first time meeting June Lockhart.

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