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Tuesday, May 8, 2007

New paint job for Bender Base

In a fit of creative madness, I woke from a nap inspired to redo Benders base. I threw the base together quickly last year and used some gold hammered (very boring looking) paint. Very dull.

Since Bender is a cartoon robot I thought a colorful base was more appropriate. So out came all my leftover paints and I proceeded to make a big mess on the side of our house. It came out ok but I just hope it dries. I laid the paint on pretty thick since some of the acrylics were getting old and thicker.

Bender's door was also adjusted a tad and I spent a few minutes tinkering with C3PO's arm. Just another day in the life of an A.D.D. (Attention deficit disorder) robot builder.

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