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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Weak R2 foundation

My secondhand A&A Frame is really in bad shape. It's almost like someone dropped it from a 3 story building at one point and then glued humpty dumpty back together. Since Saturday two more hunks of the frame fell off while moving it. I also realized that it's missing a big section in the front of the frame.

So last night in my workshop I looked at the frame and pondered my options. I could either buy another A&A Frame, use a wood tube, or try to find an aluminum frame. Aluminum frames are beautiful but are very expensive. After buying the custom NPC Motors and Vantec controller, my budget has pretty much been used up for the next couple months.

So I decided to try and salvage this frame by reinforcing all the weak points and build a front section out of MDF. I'm happy with the way the MDF reinforced the bottom so this shouldn't be too difficult and will make it stronger.

I got a new set of side feet and a center leg in the mail today. They are pretty good but will need a great deal of work. One of the feet has the gel coat coming off on one corner and the leg is missing part of the top edge. These feet are about the same as my other feet.

The more I get into this the longer my timeline extends to completion. A lot of these parts will need many tubes of glazing compound and bondo. It's hard for my ADD brain to keep from getting overwhelmed. I want to simultaneous solve all these problems at once so I need to come up with a fuzzy plan of attack this weekend.

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