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Sunday, March 25, 2007

R2 standing on his own

Just as no two robots are alike, method and techniques are completely different from builder to builder. A lot of builders like to collect parts over a period of years and then begin to finish each piece just so. And then they will attempt to put it all together.

I'm more of a damn the torpedos, full speed ahead kind of builder. What I'm doing now is putting the droid together with a bunch of unfinished pieces. I'm fabricating the necessary parts to hold it all together using materials I have at hand. So far so good. Last night and today I fabricated a nifty front leg bracket out of some scrap aluminum I bought at an aluminum store awhile back. I also used pieces of 4x4 and 2x4 lumber. The real kick came when I turned him rightside up and let him stand on his own three legs. Then I temporarily attached the aluminum skins and balanced the temporary resin dome on his head. And then ... the XM radio station I was listening to started playing "Mr. Roboto". Cool.

I also finished creating the MegaCon DVD from pictures and footage from other attendees

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