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Saturday, December 2, 2006

Trimming the dome

I MUST !!!! buy some ear protection. Cutting the flying saucer dome was maddeningly loud once again. I'll probably be spending the next couple days saying "what" a lot.

Cutting the saucer, I used a combination of tin snips, rotozip, band saw, and last but not least a jig saw. Cutting the metal was tricky and I wore gloves to keep from shredding my hands. The metal was very sharp and snagged me more than once.

I cut about an extra inch around the oval diameter I will need. The next step will be to cut it on the line. I'm taking my time on this step. I had a 2" heavy foam piece that I cut out as the template of the top of the robot and used the foam piece to mark the inside of the metal flying saucer. The foam piece will be mounted in the top of the robot and the dome will fit on top of that. Just not sure what adhesive or method I'll have to use to attach the dome, foam and sonotube together.

Another major robot milestone today was we (I got permission from my wife) officially bought a life size Robby the Robot. I got a pretty good deal on him and just need to figure out how to get him to Florida. Looks like a long road trip will be in order soon.

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