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Sunday, May 7, 2006

Toasting completion of Bender

Got a lot done today and even had time to finish Bender despite a few setbacks. I had a lot of trouble with the feet and had to scrape all the goop off them because there was some chemical reaction with the paint and rubber and they were always sticky. I tried several different sealers without luck and ended up having to use my dremmel to clean them up. It was a mess. I finally sprayed on a coat of aerosol rubber and then painted over that. That worked. I tried a slew of other primers and sealers with no luck prior.

The base he stands on was laminated with styrene and then painted with hammered gold. Casters were added so it will be easy to wheel him around. I should have put the casters on months ago with all the shuffling around the garage we did.

With my wife's suggestion, I redid the fingers using a pair of heavy rubber gloves. I cut 3 fingers out and dyed them with a great dye that I used for my B9 legs. You can dye anything with this stuff - you just spray it on.

The legs and arms got a fresh coat of paint and I painted the area where the legs attach to the torso.

There still a few minor details to attend to with the hands and shoulders (touch up) but other than that, we now have a life sized Bender.

Even though this project was much harder than I imagined, I'm glad I did it. Time to catch up on all the projects around the house I let slip by over the last couple of months and take a break (a small one) from robot building.

In the next week or so I'll post more pictures how some of the parts go together on my Bender.

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