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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Warning ! Warning ! Danger Will Robinson

We survived the zero degree temperatures in Michigan and are glad to be back in Florida.

Today the Robot's new friend showed up on our doorstep. His true origin and name are still unknown but he's reputed to have had a monster part from a tv show or movie in the 60's. It was rumored he was on 2 Lost in space episodes but that's probably just a rumor. If you have a clue who he is please let me know. He's shy and hasn't said anything since he arrived. I told my wife to not start with the "Big Ugly Monster" comments because I won't be responsible for his response.

There probably won't be much robot building this weekend because we're going to Orlando to the MEGACON gathering to scout a venue for a possible B9/Robot builders convention in early 2007.

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