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Monday, January 30, 2006

Gone over the edge

I haven't been writing as much because this is starting to sound like a broken record or the narratives of a man gone crazy. Yeah, I hate to admit it but I've sanded Bender head down again and completely re-bondoed and re body glazed him. I spent so darned much time on it redoing over and over that it started to feel like the project of a crazy obsessed robot builder going over the edge. Eventually I'll get it right. I'm starting to get good with bondo even though working with it gives me headaches. Must be toxic.

C3PO is another project I'm getting going on. I got the torso and shoulder pieces today. Very nice quality. It's actually going to function as a costume. I optimistically hoped I would be able to wear it but no .... I'm considerably too large for the costume. But ... I convinced my wife to try it on and IT'S A PERFECT FIT ! So she's officially been nominated as the C3PO droidette model.

Last weekend we drove up to Orlando to FXShow for a good time. The final costume party was held at Hard Rock cafe at Universal studios. I was smitten by the force of the beautiful Blue Jedi chick.

My B9 wrists, claws, and power pack kit have been sitting at the FED-EX Office for several days now and I'm wondering if they'll EVER get here.

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