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Sunday, January 8, 2006

B9 Sensors and Bender eye surgery

First thing I attached some 1/8" aluminum pipe to the sensors of the B9 using JB Weld. Clamped them using my small hobby clamps. A simple solution that will work better than my other sensor holders.

I attached the eye piece to Bender after a lot of sanding and finishing. After attaching the eye piece my wife was mentioned that it just didn't look right. Then my son walked by and said the eyes stuck out too much. As much as I hated to admit it, I screwed up and would have to redo. And the piece was starting to look sooooo good. A lot of time was spent sanding the seams of the styrene and filling with bondo spot putty.

My wife had a good suggestion to cut the middle out of the eye section and shrink it. The problem I had with that was there were several screws in that vicinity. After a few hours of scratching my head, I figured out the location of the screws. I started cutting with the band saw but the blade must have been too dull because the blade wouldn't track straight through the 3" wide wood. So the table saw was the next choice. Cutting a small slice out of 3" thick wood on the table saw was a little scary but I was able to avoid hitting the screws and cut 3/4" out of the middle of the eye piece. Then I glued and clamped it together. Looks pretty rough now but I'll clean it up.

Later in the evening I laminated another piece of styrene over the cut. Used plastic wrap to clamp it on (see picture below). I used PVC glue but not sure if that will work. Well I'll find out in the morning : )

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