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Sunday, December 4, 2005

Ear surgery or the Incredible shrinking robot ?

Today was one of those days where everything went perfect in addition to the weather being a perfect robot building day.

The highlight of the day was fixing my one broke "Scott S." ear with the gears. The main shaft had come loose. This was one of those cases where using plain old brute force worked. I basically pried the ear apart and was able to break the epoxy's bond without any damage at all to the ear. After a few dabs of goop and repositioning the gear, the ear's as good as new.

Radio Shack makes a cool new robotics learning kit that teaches robotic concepts and how to program controllers. This is an area I know nothing about but have always wanted to learn. The learning kit comes with an easy to understand and read manual in addition to all the parts needed to build controllable robots. I asked on their online forum and found out that there's a way to interface their controller with more powerful motors than the standard vex motors. There were several helpful replies that gave me just the info I need to use the Vex controller to animate my robot. The ideas keep coming how I could use this technology with the B9.

Yesterday more charcoal grey dye was applied to the legs and I spent the day re-fitting my spacers on the legs. You could call this the incredible shrinking robot. It was very surprising the size of the gaps between a few legs and between the waist and the donut. The robot shrunk at least 2 inches !!! Wood shrinks and the new layer of armaflex is positioned differently. Plus I look at the robot more critically now than when I was in a mad rush a few months ago putting it together. So I spent a good portion of the day re-adjusting the spacers and now he looks great. The charcoal color looks great also.

I love building this robot!

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