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Sunday, November 27, 2005

Robot on the brain

The Tread section now has the new treads from David H trimmed and bolted in place. David sure makes some beautiful treads. It wasn't hard to trim and install them.

The side panels are also completed. It was the first time I used a router not mounted on a table. It was used to hollow out the areas on the backside of the side panel where the axles meet the side panel. That router is a handy tool. I also ended up using a single screw on each tread panel to get them to lay flush against the tread section. For some reason the side panels do not lay flush against the bottom portion of the tread section but there's nothing I can do about it unless I build a new tread section. There's a gap but not too bad I guess.

Not as much on the robot was accomplished this long weekend. The water softener died so I spent a day replacing that. My Dad came over and removed most of the parts from it since he's rebuilding one similar. While we were scavenging it, I noticed the inner resin tank looked like it would make a great neck and head for my future Futurama Bender robot. So I spent a few hours removing the resin from it ... what a stinking mess. But it could make a good robot part in the future : )

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