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Sunday, November 6, 2005

B9 Lyposuction on the legs and waist

This weekend, I peeled all the armaflex from the legs and waist sections. What a mess that was. I also separated the legs from the waist section to make it easier to add the new armaflex. There was also a weird size problem with one of the leg pieces so I used this opportunity to resize it.

The reason I'm redoing the legs and waist section is the paint bubbled and gave the legs a sandpaper consistency and they were too dark. I want a lighter smooth look that some of the robots in the B9 club have.

I believe the reason for the bubbling is because I used Plasti-dip on the legs before painting. Next time I'm not sure if I'll use any type of undercoating on the legs before painting or dying them. I'm leaning toward using VHT Dye on the legs instead of paint. Some people have said that paint occasionally flakes off the legs. Others have had trouble with paint cracking or peeling. Dye kind of rules out those type of problems.

Since the robot is all apart, I also sanded down my donut and waist plate. There were a few flaws in those pieces that needed attention. I'll repaint them tomorrow.

I'm still stumped how I'm going to attach the MDF side panels ... There's always around 500-1000 things on my to-do list.

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