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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

More power supply woes

Tonight my new power supply and dc/dc converter arrived in the mail. Also a Tom W. light controller and brain LED lights arrived. I dismanteled my robot in the garage and once again transported him into the operating room (our dining room).

I must be jinxed when it comes to power supplies. Tech support at astrodyne recommended a severely underpowered power supply. When the robot starts talking, the power supply turns off and then back on. It's only a 2 amp power supply. I thought it was 25 amp. Oh well .... my fault for not noticing that.

I pulled out my radio shack breadboard and hooked up the Tom W. brain led's to the new controller. It worked perfect and looked very nice. However, to hook up the chest lights will take a lot of work and time. Not enough time between now and Saturday to do that (block party on Saturday). I'll possibly use my old controller for the chest lights temporarily IF I can get a decent power supply between now and then.

The bezel and buttons are finished but the torso bezel area needs to have more fiberglass filed from the torso bezel area.

So many things to do.

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