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Sunday, September 25, 2005

Knee hinges and PC parts

Sometimes I let ideas churn in my mind for days or weeks and keep picking it apart or try to think of better ways to do things. Attaching knee hinges to my robot has been on my mind for at least a month. One of my ideas for attaching the knee hinges was to use a PC periphreal slot cover for attaching the knee hinge to the bottom knee plate.

Until last week, I only had some steel cut out in the shape of knee hinges (from Scott's scratch n dent sale). Still a lot of work to whip them into shape. Then Dean decided to sell all his robot parts so I picked up all his knee hinges for $4.00. I couldn't say no to that. You can't get anything for $4.00 nowadays. When they arrived in the mail I couldn't believe how nice they were. And they fit in nicely with my PC periphreal slot cover plan.

As you can see in the pictures, I cut a few inches off the slot covers and using small screws, attached them to the knee hinges. Then I measured and put one screw into the bottom knee plate. It was too easy and worked perfect. I didn't want to attach it to the top plate because I like having the option of tearing my robot down completely to the treadbox if I want.

Also did my final finishing of the torso hooks. I spent waaaaay too much time on them but I actually enjoyed making them. One thing I shouldn't have done in my finishing was to use paintable caulk. That wasn't wise and I ended up sanding all that off and used soft bondo filler (red stuff). They came out good. I also took some scrap rubber I had laying around and made a few gaskets for the torso hooks. I'll probably mount them on the robot one day this week.

We have a block party this coming Saturday. The robot seems to think he's invited...

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