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Friday, September 16, 2005

Experiments with PC power supply

The 300w ATX PC power supply that I was experimenting with last
night just didn't seem to cut it. So many unpredictable things
happened I'm just glad I didn't fry any of my electronics.

Until now I've been getting my electronics to work using a 12v 1 amp
transformer and everything works great with that. The PC power
supply is a totally different story. It's 12v 12a (Yellow and black
wires) so maybe being 12 amps is part of the problem.

I was shorting the green to a black wire to get the power supply to
come alive and that works .... kind of. When it powers my light
controller and I push the light controllers off button (on a totally
different set of wires) the power supply turns off itself. Maybe
it's like the Pc function of shutting itself down and powering off.
Also the light controller lighted erratic using the PC power supply
as opposed to the transformer.

My sound system/amplifier works very well with the transformer I had
but wouldn't even turn on but a second with this pc power supply.

So now I'll look to buy a power supply.

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