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Wednesday, August 3, 2005

Redoing tread belts - messy caulking

Today I redid the treads we did last weekend. I used a papercutter to cut the 1" rubber pieces out of the armaflex tape and they came out much smoother and more consistent than using a knife or scissors. I used the botched tread section as a guide where to attach the treads and they went on easily. I spaced them out a tad more than 1/4" to make it easier to lay in the caulk.

The caulking job was a mess and the worst task so far. On first tread strip I took my time and tried to keep it neat. That wasn't a good idea because the caulk dries quickly before I was able to straighten it out. And no matter how careful I was, it was a messy job. It was a lot of work but it still turned out ok. On the next 2 treads I took a different approach. I quickly slopped all the treads up with a lot of caulk and then used a wet sponge (with bucket of water nearby) and towels to immediately smooth it out. Although this was a tremendous mess, the final result were a lot better. They will definately need at least one or two more coats of caulk because that armaflex tape is like a sponge.

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