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Saturday, August 20, 2005

More going in circles

Acrylic circle cutting II
Today I made some wooden circular platforms that I could screw the acrylic to and clamp to a bench. This made a very stable place to cut my acrylic and supported it from the bottom. I countersunk the screws so they wouldn't interfere with my circle cutter.

Despite having this new cutting platform, I still can't cut acrylic circles with any accuracy to save my life. The circle cutting tools I have stink. My one rotozip circle cutting attachment works ok up to 12" but I have a few circles that are 13" and 15". But even under 12" I found out that I didn't compensate for the size of the cut and was about 1/4"-1/12" off on all my circles and I was very disappointed. Wasted more acrylic.

Tried using that circle cutter 2 generic cutter and it's pure garbage. As you pull the rotozip, the tool opens a little more so the circle expands. You can't tighten down the tool enough. JUNK JUNK JUNK. Too bad because this tool is the size I need.

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