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Sunday, July 10, 2005

Treadbox primer

Today I finished the last pieces of the treadbox by putting in the outer spacers. The ones that keep the thin 1/4" outer plywood in place. I just glued those in and didn't use screws. I was hoping to start on the armaflex pipe tubing today but instead will focus on finishing the tread section and getting it to look nice. I keep wondering how I'm going to align, attach and space out the legs and waist sections. Dad came up with a good way to split the armaflex pipe insulation. We staple it to a board I mounted high up on the wall in the garage. Then run a razor blade from top to bottom and it produces a nice clean straight cut.

We had a lot of tropical weather today as hurricane Dennis passed by headed for Pensacola. A lot of wind and rain is all we got. I tried to spray a little primer on the tread box but it was so humid that spider webs spray came out so I'll do that later.

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