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Saturday, July 23, 2005

Styrene to the tread section

Today we applied the styrene to the tread section with a 2 part epoxy. Dad Yvonne and I all worked the styrene when the epoxy was on because we used a fast drying (6 minutes) epoxy and time was of the essence.

If I could do it over, I would glue each curve seperately with a separate piece of styrene(4 pieces plus the middle). The way we did it was I cut a piece of styrene to go from one side to the other wrapping around the bottom of the tread section. Then we cut a smaller piece to go in between on the bottom piece. No matter how much we tried, it just doesn't line up this way. I had to do a lot of trimming and sanding afterward. Plus the epoxy didn't stick in all areas so I ran some construction adhesive in those areas. It was a lot more work than expected but it was in good shape by Sunday evening. Styrene is easy to work with. It sands nicely and is easy to trim.

It's amazing how many flaws you see after you paint. I just keep sanding and filling with that red automotive spackling. It looks better every day

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