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Sunday, July 3, 2005

Cutting wood and trying to tame the rotozip

Dad came over and we got a lot done. That new table saw worked beautiful and I'm glad I got it. It saved a lot of time and was very smooth cutting. I cut out an extra knee laminate so I could experiment with the rotozip circle cutter on 1" wood. The rotozip sucked and butchered the wood. It just wasn't smooth enough. So Dad I and cut the remaining knees out with the scroll saw and jig saw. We took our time and after a little sanding, they looked perfect. Then the router put a nice 45degree angle on them. As I do more woodworking, everything gets better with practice. It's very satisfying.

Today we started looking at assembling the tread box and discovered I screwed up in cutting out the inner parts of some pieces. Several that shouldn't have been cut out were and several that needed cutout didn't get it. I can't believe I mixed up several of the pieces as careful as I've been on this project but it happened. The compromise I made is to cut out the pieces that need cutting and I'll leave the 2 inner 1/4" pieces cut out even though they shouln't be cutout. If I motorize the B9 (way down the road) then having the inner pieces cutout will be to my advantage. There ... I just justified it.

Almost all the wood is cut. I only need sand a lot of the pieces and cut the insides out. Also need to clean the edges of the legs and waist section. May use my router for that and drive my neighbors nuts for another day (It's pretty loud).

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