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Monday, July 25, 2005

Axles and wheels

I had to go into work an hour late so I spent the extra hour in the morning sanding the tread section more. Then I dashed home at lunch and hit it with another coat of paint.

When I got home from work, I decided to hit it with another coat of paint before we went out to dinner. After dinner I fitted the wheels and cut some axles to size. I also laid in the armaflex tape to determine where I was going to put the treads.

The shocker came when I went to put the lower middle wheels in. They didn't fit because they hit the bottom plate. At first I thought I mis-read the plans but after sitting down and re-reading the plans I came to the conclusion that the middle bottom wheels were never intended to be installed with this design. My measurements and work was exactly as the plans instruct. Actually it makes sense as nobody can see those wheels and it would add to the weight of the treadbox. Another advantage is I can make small axles with the scrap from the four corner axles. The small axles are for the side wheels and this will save a few bucks as I didn't have enough of the long aluminum axles anyways.

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