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Friday, July 8, 2005

Almost ready to stack

I stopped by Brads today after work to look at his work in progress robot and learned more tips to help when I stack the robot this weekend (depending on if the hurricane that's passing by doesn't make any unexpected turns). He's working on 4 different robots now and I don't know how he does it.

I decided to make some modifications to the tread section to reinforce the top plates. First, I'm going to make the top of the tread section one piece instead of two for strength. I'll trim the two pieces I already cut and add those under the solid piece to strengthen the whole assembly and give me something solid to screw into for the top pieces. After dinner, I created 2 more knees pretty quickly.

The more I work with wood, the easier and more rewarding it is. After the knees I pieced the tread section together with clamps to see how everything fits. Everything fit good but I'm going to make some 1 3/4" spacers in the morning with the table saw so it's nice and square when I put it together.

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