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Thursday, June 9, 2005

The plans arrive

The plans from Bermuda Triangle engineering (Mark Thompson) came today. I laid them on the floor and spent about an hour pondering how I was going to transfer them to wood without messing things up. In some of the templates, 6-10 cuts were on one sheet ... kind of sharing.

I called Kinkos to see if I could get a few copies of the more complicated templates but at $4.50 apiece, I figured I would just be careful. The templates were a little wrinkled so I laid them in between the wood I purchased and laid it on the workbench. Hopefully that will straighten them out a bit.

Our garage door is still broken and the service guy was a no-show so there will probably be no cutting of wood in the garage for a few days. My wife talked with the guy on the phone and had a bad feeling about him so we're going to shop for another garage door company. I'm Still shopping for a bandsaw and will probably get it at Lowes.

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