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Saturday, June 11, 2005

New saws. Time to organize the garage

Time to get this project rolling.

The garage door was fixed today and now I can set up my saws and start practicing my woodworking skills. I found a closeout tablesaw at Sears for only $58.00. It attached to my portable bench perfect.

I also picked up a pretty good scroll saw from Lowes. It also attached to the portable bench but the problem with that is everytime I want to switch from one saw to the other, It's a bit of work to bolt the saws to the bench. So I built an extension to my workbench that would accomodate the scroll saw. The extension can be removed easily so we can get the cars back in the garage.

Today was more of a get my workspace organized day with some experimenting with cutting wood with the saws. Both saws work great.

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