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Sunday, June 19, 2005

Making knees the wrong size

This weekend was spent cutting out parts of the waist and knees sections. It was a good learning weekend where I was able to get comfortable with using the rotozip, table saw, scroll saw, and the router. After cutting out the knees and routing the 45 degree angle, I realized I used the wrong size wood. The plans called for 1" so I bought 1" pine. After doing an ok job on the knees I realized that the 1" pine is only 3/4" so using my knees would shorten the robot by more than an inch and it probably won't look right. So I'm going to just chalk this up as a lesson and remake the knees using 2 pieces of 1/2" mdf laminated.

I also contacted Brad Carpenter who is another B9 builders club member. He lives just a few miles from where I work so I'm stopping by his house on my lunch hour next week. I'm looking forward to seeing a partially built robot as I only have a few pieces of wood cut out at this stage.

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