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Sunday, June 26, 2005

Aliens, space ships and models

It was a busy weekend so I didn't have as much time to work on the robot. Today my wife and I stopped over Brad's for about an hour so she could see the cool stuff Brad created. There's too many cool things to list. I particularly like the C3PO robot chest and head he had. Aliens, space ships, costumes, models, combined with many interesting b9 experiments abound at his place.

What a great place to take the wife on our Anniversary !

I also made 2 extra (wrong sized) knees which would bring my robot up to the correct height but a 6 kneed B9 won't be correct so I'll make 10 more knees the right way during the long 4th of July weekend coming up.

Afterwards, we went out on our son's boat and did some fishing for our anniversary.

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